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Doctor Who Fan Audio Groups

Over the years many fan audio groups have evolved or combined with others/and or become defunct, making it difficult for people outside of the scene to keep track of them and their programs. OIABM is proud to present a listing of groups that details their evolutionary paths. This list can be found here. A list of current links has been compiled below. A place to download audio's, check out resources and discuss Doctor Who, not to mention BigFinish and other productions.

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas

The home of the original Downloadable Audio Dramas. Downloads on a weekly basis per story episode. They have a large back catalogue, so drop past and get immersed.

Season 27 Productions

S27 Productions are currently available for download through the Westlake Films website in mp3 format. They have produced 3 excellent Double CD Audio Dramas. Please visit Phantom Frame to order their cd's

Zindignite | Ultimate Reality

Zindignite, originally a Western Australian Group. Now Ultimate Reality..

Back to Reality Productions

Another Doctor Who Fan Production Group based in Brisbane Australia(Other than this one!) They have two stories to download and some more new titles on the way, as well as an ambitious Fan Video.

Random Audio Fiction/JM&KH Productions

Home of another audio group, that specializes in Random Audio Scripts in the Doctor Who Universe. The Random group also do Fictions and other series, includeing Blake's 7. You'll even find some of my own ramblings about here. JM& KH's library of non random fiction related audio adventures can be downloaded from Also of note are their fan films which also appear on the site for download.

Loyhargil Productions

Home of what was Time Warped Productions, now called LOYHARGIL PRODUCTIONS (it's an anagram, try it.) They are looking for people to join in the fun. Drop them a line if you can help [site now down]

Belmont Productions

Belmont Productions now FutureEcho. A relatively new group working on their first audio excursion which sounds like it's going to be an exceptional journey though time and space. More information at a later date.

Phantom Frame/FineLine Productions | Phantom Frame

Fineline, home of another Doctor Who Audio group, but with a slightly different angle. Phantom Frame is the home of their commercial products. Check them out.

The Doctor Who Crossover Adventures

The Doctor Who Crossover Adventures. The place to hear new adventures, crossed over with other series.

The Unregenerate Presents FANZ

The Unregenerate Present FANZ, a new brush at mocking fandom through audio escapades. Sports the talents of Season 27's Steve Johnson and Paul Ebbs as well as some other new talent.

The Audio Visuals: Adventures in Time and Space is home of a discovery of The Audio Visuals, the people who have gone on to be BigFinish Productions. Also found here are some rather excellent interviews, in particular that of Audiophile Alistair Lock.

Kaldor City

Home of some slightly related DW Spinoffish Audio in the universe of Chris Bouchers Robots of Death, contains some good reading material from/about a variety of authors.

Staggering Stories

Home of Staggering Stories, Music, Audio, Skits and just about anything whoesque you're liable to want. (I could be exaggerating).

Dam Films/Audio

Home of David Nagel's creations of a wonderer in time and space in both Video and Audio. Now with a forum hosted by as well as some of David's Musical endeavours.

Quanta-Dimensional Leap - The Radio Play [~No Current Address/Down]

A Quantum Leap fan audio you'd like to hear? It may become a reality right here.

Project W: Dream Terror

A read set of audio escapades available in mp3 and cd format.

Parapark Who/Merkelbach Films

Home of Parapark Productions/Merklebach Films. I promised this link a while ago and here it is. Not sure I believe the hype or buy into the parapark phenomena, somewhere to visit if you're somewhat bored perhaps?

Sigma Phi Kappa Producitons

Home of Some Doctor Who Audio Production(s) in progress.

Home of Argolis and the charity production of "The Nightmare Fair".. where the Toymaker makes his move...

The "other" Doctor Who Audio Dramas Website

Home of a realm where some of "The Doctor Who Audio Dramas" get re-aired outside of their main site, on the new "channel 3" in mp3 format.

Dogma Productions

Dogma Productions, home of fan produced who related material done on tape.

Megropolis1 Productions

Home of a variety of audiodramas.

Solos Productions

A fan video production group with some films in the works.

Darker Projects

Darker Projects, more fan made Doctor Who audios, Starwars, Quantum Leap and well who knows?

Dream Star Productions

More fan made Doctor Who audios, in the near future from Jonithan Russell

Dispossessed Productions

One of the new fan audio groups to pop up. Another group using the online recording and producing paradigm. Nothing out yet.

Doctor Who: What If...

One of the 'new' fan audio groups to open recently. Not much to see yet, but the premise of their to be recorded stories involves writing original scripts based on facts and events from the original television series tied with the concept of "what would happen if" something else had happened.


Home of the Flatliners audio group.


Home of the Timetunnel Productions, a new amateur Dr Who fan audio group.

Westlake Films

The Video arm of JM&KH Productions. [With Audios, and fan made music]

Crossing Dimensions Productions

Home of the new fan audio production group Crossing Dimensions. They promises to release a new episode each month. For further information, episodes, story arcs etc, visit the website.


Home of the Whovianity fan audios. Starring Luke Pietnik as the Doctor.

Teenz Inc Online

Home of the audio group Teenz Inc.

Other Doctor Who Sites

The Doctor Who Homepage

Siobahn Morgans Worldwide Acclaimed Website, which could possibly called the heart of html Doctor Who. Sporting 100's of links and more information than you can wave a sonic screwdriver at.

The Policebox Forum

Home of a fun and creative fan community. Responsible for the production of all kinds of silly, fun and insane material, with a Doctor Who orientaition. Join the forum and have some fun.

The Doctor Who Club of Australia

The Doctor Who Club of Australia.

The Doctor Who Audio Rankings Page

The Audio Rankings Page. Who knows what goes on here? Hit the page and vote for something.

The Doctor Who Restoration Team Page

The Restoration Team. The place where all Who comes out better than it went in. What else can I say? You'll find information on their work and releases on these pages.

Paul Gadzikowski/The Scarfman

A site with various comic strip crossovers, probably the most prolific number of crossovers between Doctor Who and Startrek.

MMM Productions

Well I'm not quite sure why I'm linking to this, but if you are really desperate to here alternative commentaries to Doctor Who DVD's you might like to check these guys and their material out (Note: They are not related to the radiostation of similar name).

Other Web Sites

Brisbane Auditions

Brisbane Auditions provides actors in the Brisbane area with information about casting in Theatre and other performance avenues. Budding actors in the Brisbane area may like to check it out.

Home of Kara Dennison's voice acting c/v, web cartoons etc. Kara's first purchasable printed web comic should be available soon.

Fuzz Zine

Home of Fuzz Zine, a Brisbane based 'zine primarily concerned with interviewing musical artists, news in the music scene as well as covering wider issues. Checkout the website for more details, such as where to obtain this publication.

Planet Eleven

Home of Daniel Cooper's writing, cartoons, and other stuff.

Vener Art

Home of Patricia Vener's Hand Made Jewllery.

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