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The Music on this page is Grieg's Anitra Dance Opus 46-3 movement 2. He used some Traditional Tunes in some of his music, and is thus, nominally I contend, a Viking.

There were "Swedish" and "Danish/Norwegian" Vikings. The Danish and Norwegian mostly sailed westwards, to Western Europe and England and Ireland and the associated islands. The Swedish mostly went eastwards, often dragging the boat overland, into modern-day Russia and further on to Byzantium and the Caliphate. The Normans are perhaps the best known descendents of the Vikings, and their descendents conquered England in 1066. There are strong links to the Irish and the Anglo-Saxons as well as other areas such as Iceland and Greenland. There is strong evidence that the Vikings reached the shores of the USA.


Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main...

Mostly these are only the sites (that I personally thought worthwhile) in English. There are many others: check the links from some of the referenced pages. There are just too many sites to list them all - this is only a hobby for me. I will look at other sites with original content not listed here, if I am advised.
Unearthed Viking Ships
* Helga Holm - 1285-1345, - a full scale replica of a medieval long ship, found at the excavations on Helgeandsholmen in central Stockholm in 1979-80. Sails with a crew of 15-25 regularly, sometimes in a square sail fleet which may include the following boats: Anund, Styra, Sigrid Storråda, Aluett, Starkodder and Viksbaten.
Replica and Reconstructed Viking Ships
Saga Vikings - Woody Point Saga Vikings is a Viking Club established in 1996 at Woody Point - near Brisbane - in Queensland Australia. They are building a longship. You can sponsor a copper nail, and perhaps score the chance of a ride on the inagural voyage.
* A large table listing Replicas of North European ships - what, where, how big, etc with links to other lists.
* The mission of the Helge Ask Vikingship is to collect experiences of building, sailing and maintaining a single masted square sail Viking vessel. This enables researchers to evaluate the capability of ships of the Viking age and thereby gain understanding of the possibilities of travelling and transportation of the Vikings.
  The Helge Ask is located in Roskilde, Denmark, at the Vikingship Museum (Vikingeskibshallen). The museum is a part of the National Museum of Denmark and they have built a number of exact replicas in original materials using original tools and methods. There is also a list of other ships, as well as a newsletter that also covers various aspects of the Viking age.
* A small Swedish, reconstructed Viking Age Ship Aifur - at Sigtuna museum in Sweden. Tales of recreated journeys Eastward - from Sigtuna (Sweden's oldest town) to Novgorod, and on to the Black Sea. Towed on wooden wheels overland part of the way.
* The Gedesby replica ship - Agnete a 13th century merchant ship excavated in south Falster in 1991 provided a basis for subjecting a medieval craft to critical analysis. The Gedesby ship is from the end of the 13th century - reconstructed 1995 - Denmark. This is an article in a regular newsletter.
* Viking Ship Krampmacken in Sweden. This ship has diamond shaped (Dragon scale) sails especially reconstructed from period stone carvings. There are also pictures of rowing, sailing, and hauling the smallish 8m ship overland, as was often originally done.
* The Skelmir - Viking ship built in the USA. The design of the Skelmir is adapted from the Osberg ship. Contains a summary of the details of construction.
* The Longship Company has the operation of two replica Viking ships. Fyrdraca is the larger of the two vessels and is a lap­strake 32 ft class A tallship. The second vessel, Gyrfalcon, is much smaller.
* The New Vinland Foundation presents Maine Viking Ship - a trip from Vinland to Greenland.
* Leif Ericson Vikingship The Norseman - Philadelphia, USA. They use their Vikingship "Norseman" both to attract attention to their cause and to experience what it was like to travel on the water a thousand years ago.
Power: 25 hp outboard (mounted in well). Hull fiberglass.
- Leif Ericson Day in USA is October 9th.
* Viking ship models from the Krampmacken Homepage.
Viking Canoes
* Traditional Boat Building - A Viking Canoe Build a Viking canoe - 8 metres, 6-8 crew. Pictures of tools, plans, etc.
Viking Ships Go a-sailing!
Misc Viking Ship Links
* The National Maritime Museum, Sweden The museum houses exhibitions about ship construction, merchant and naval shipping, and has the largest maritime library in the Nordic region.
* FOTEVIKENS MUSEUMMaritime Archaeology section pursues maritime archaeology investigations. The main area is Skåne, of great historical interest around Falsterbonäset, in the south of Sweden. Inventory, examination and protection of the wrecks under the Cultural Law Acts. An extensive register of wrecks and sinkings around Skånes coasts holds approx 2500 entries.
* The Viking Answer Lady Viking Ships and Viking Navigation Answer pages. Lots of pretty coloured pictures, with good explanations of the different types of ships, and explanations of the navigation tools and methods.

Nordic Underwater Archaeology
Nordic Underwater Archaeology - wrecks, reconstructions, etc.

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