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There were "Swedish" and "Danish/Norwegian" Vikings. The Danish and Norwegian mostly sailed westwards, to Western Europe and England and Ireland and the associated islands. The Swedish mostly went eastwards, often dragging the boat overland, into modern-day Russia and further on to Byzantium and the Caliphate. The Normans are perhaps the best known descendents of the Vikings, and their descendents conquered England in 1066. There are b> links to the Irish and the Anglo-Saxons as well as other areas such as Iceland and Greenland and Russia. There is b> evidence that the Vikings reached the shores of the USA, and founded the Russian Empire.

Some Viking Starter Sites

The Viking Ships, Norman and Anglo-Saxon and Games and Sports.

Some Viking Interest Info Web Sites around the world.

Mostly these are only the sites (that I personally thought worthwhile) in English. There are many others: check the links from some of the referenced pages. There are just too many sites to list them all - this is only a hobby for me. I will look at other sites with original content not listed here, if I am advised.
* Some comments about The Vikings by Arne Emil Christensen who is Professor, Dr. Phil. at the University Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo. He specializes on shipbuilding history and craftsmanship in the Iron Age and the Viking period.
* The Viking Expeditions from Central Sweden (700CE-1000CE): The Causes and Effects that the Expeditions and Viking Culture Had on Each Other The Expeditions of the Svear
* Norse Mythology (Germanic and Scandinavian)
* Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas - Compiled by D. L. Ashliman
* The World of the Vikings - the definitive guide to Viking resources on the internet
* Elvegrimarne - A Swedish Association for Viking age culture - (waiting translation!)
* The Viking Network Web by Yngve Skråmm - dual language.
* Medieval Icelandic Literature. Mythology and Sagas from West Iceland by Students.
* Old Icelandic Literature Icelandic sagas - Laxdaela, Egils saga, Snorri Sturluson and Snorri's Edda
* Viking literature - from the Vikings in Spain Site. Discussions of Skalds; the annual viking feast of the Galician village Catoira; some useful links; and the historical Viking happenings and actions in Spain and Portugal
* Jorvik Viking Center in York England - part of the York Archaeological Trust.
* Museum Exposition DRAGONS ET DRAKKARS in French.
* FOTEVIKENS MUSEUM is a cultural institution which owns 70,000 square metres of land at a very historically interesting part of Hollviken, in the south of Sweden. The foundation's main achievments are Maritime Archaeology, Education, Schooling, Survey Inventory and Research. Also the Viking Village: people live as Vikings the entire summer. New houses and enclosures are constantly being built. Grains are sown and harvested. Animals are cared for - the hens are fed and the sheep are tended. The craftsmen are busy at work. Also has a Viking Market.

Some Viking Re-Creation Interest Groups sites around the world.

Saga Vikings - Woody Point Saga Vikings is a Viking Club established in 1996 at Woody Point - near Brisbane - in Queensland Australia.
* Regia Anglorum was a term used by early English writers to describe the English state. It means "The Kingdoms of the English".
  To find out about everyday life in the period visit the fictional Regia Anglorum pre-Conquest estate of Wichamstow which is an interesting and ever growing resource for anybody with an interest in Early Medieval Europe in general and Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain in particular. Virtual Recreations of places and people in a village, stories as well as info about the weapons and warfare of the period. Many Articles on understanding and making items. Also many external links.
  Regia also owns and operates three period ship replicas. One is a coastal trading vessel from around the turn of the first millennium. It is just over forty feet long, weighs about five tonnes and is currently berthed in Bristol. The second vessel is a good replica of the Krampmakken boat, and has been recently restored near York. This thirty foot replica operates on the Humber estuary. The Society also commissioned an eighteen foot six oared boat, the building of which was completed at one of the Society's events in 1994. This vessel, based in North West Kent, in common with the others, is propelled by oar and sail alone and is larch built on an oak keel.
* The Vikings! (Norse Film & Pagent Society.)
* The UK Register of Re-Enactment Web Sites index to Viking and Dark Ages History Sites.
* The World of the Vikings - Re-Enactment Page
* Ravensgard Viking Age Page - lots of links.
* Gloria Farley has written about the Vikings in the USA - about alleged "Viking Stones" allegedly found in various places in the USA - some are believed to be hoaxes - interesting.

Other Sites of Interest to Viking Enthusiasts around the world.

[Lady de Kup-Kake -known to her close friends as Lady de Kup] Such neat work...Visit the Bayeux Tapestry... or the Attackers never lose, Defenders never win... Sigtuna Museum
*Listen to modern recreations of Music for Vikings by Brunanburh and Hedningarna
* Viking History - Viking Online ASJan Kajander Large number of links, regionally divided, many of interest to Viking Age historical students - The Icelandic Alphabet - Background and history of the Icelandic Horse - Rune Fonts - Ragnarøk..In English - Southern Italy & Corfu in The Viking Times - Arabs, Silktrade & Caravans in Viking Times
* Look at some Viking Resources for the Re-enactor
* Visit The Viking Answer Lady's Page - Real vs fake amber, Viking history, food, clothing, berserkers, games, ships wedding ceremonies, ghosts, etc.
* Make some Viking Footwear Pictures and hints.
* The World of the Vikings - Runes
* Status in the Viking World
* Viking Ornamentation Styles
* Viking Lore from the Viking Voyage 1000 Site
* Yggdrasil - Home of the Vikings!
* Norse Expansion into North America L'Anse aux Meadows
* Rialto Archive Article on Norse Viking Berserkers.
* Viking Axes
* GORM the Wired Viking - Gorms Bookstore. Ask Gorm about love, money, friends, life, or the future. Then enjoy his cool Danish wisdom. Gorm can even custom-build you a proverb, guide you to the gods, change your age, or give you a Viking name.
* Gorm's Viking Name Converter - make up a pseudo-Viking style name. Useful for The S.C.A.?

Some Reference Books about Vikings.

Viking reference Books Some Vikings Reference Books. If I am advised of any Good Quality reference books on this subject I would appreciate it, and will add them or link to other places that also list them.

Please advise if the links cause problems, and I can remedy the matter.
I may add additional reviewed suitable links as I find them, or if notified by email.
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