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There were "Swedish" and "Danish/Norwegian" Vikings. The Danish and Norwegian mostly sailed westwards, to Western Europe and England and Ireland and the associated islands. The Swedish mostly went eastwards, often dragging the boat overland, into modern-day Russia and further on to Byzantium and the Caliphate. The Normans are perhaps the best known descendents of the Vikings, and their descendents conquered England in 1066. There are strong links to the Irish and the Anglo-Saxons as well as other areas such as Iceland and Greenland. There is strong evidence that the Vikings reached the shores of the USA.

Viking Games and Sports Sites

Mostly these are only the sites (that I personally thought worthwhile) in English. There are many others: check the links from some of the referenced pages. There are just too many sites to list them all - this is only a hobby for me. I may look at other sites with original content not listed here, if I am advised.
Viking Sports and Games.
* Glima - Viking wrestling.
* Viking games tafl, fox and geese, game boards and pieces. Nice pictures.
* Halatafl -- The ancient Icelandic Vikings Fox Game -- for Windows.

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