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Last Updated: 26/06/2002

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Saga Vikings

Saga Vikings is a Viking Club established in 1996 at Woody Point - near Brisbane - in Queensland Australia.
 The group looks at the Viking everyday and trading life. The ultimate aims of the group are to build a longhouse on the water at Redcliffe, as well as an authentic longboat for cruises along the coast. They have already built a pithut and held some Viking Village Fayres.
 The plans of the group for the future are mostly unknown, although it is expected that a Viking Village Fayre will be held every year.
 Ideas also included the possibility of a Viking Olympic Games in the year 2000. Viking groups from around the world were encouraged to participate in the rowing races, wrestling and much more.
 They are building a longship, and probably some canoes as well. You can sponsor a copper nail, and perhaps score the chance of a ride on the inagural voyage.

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