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The Fooles: An updated partial List of Characters.

[Battel] Here we are again!

First Published: 8 Jun 1995
Major Edits: 14 Jul 1995, 26 Aug 1996, 3 Sep 1996 & 22 Jan 1998

Last Updated: 27 Jun 2002 1501

[Bottel] Sticks and stones...

For some of you, especially the more recent arrivals at the Cathedral Steps, who may be wondering what all this Foolishness is about I have done some Research, and prepared this little piece of Valuable Documentation.

As to just what the Foolishness is really all about, I just don't know, I only act as Scribe. Sometimes they even intrude into my personal postings. They have learned to read the Antir list for themselves now, so be careful what you say, it may get quoted sometime! Worse, they've even found out about how to listen in on The Rialto!

As to the Characters themselves, well, I'll try as best I can...

Let us be started [Serious Announcer] Now revealed as [Serious Stephen]
He thinks he's serious.
Nobody else does.
Usually gets stuck as the straight feed man.
So SERIOUS he has learnt to play goddam fanfares now too...

I be not ready yet... [Silly Announcer] Now revealed as [Silly Sam]
He thinks he's funny.
Nobody else does.
When he grows up he wants to be a Fool.
He never will, and he is.

Thou truly lookest of great beauty this fine morn, My Lady... [Babbel] He thinks he's the cleverest one!
Nobody else does.
Various Lord's Comment: He's got a slick tongue!
Various Lady's Comment: Yes! (slow smile)
Note: Not to be trusted alone with the money!
Wants to be Deputy Reeve.
Ejected from workshop tryout as Romeo in "Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter" through a printer's devil in a stage direction.
It should have read "Enter Ethel upstage" (which is bad enough!) but his script clearly said "Enter Ethel from the rear".

NOTE: A bable is a Court Jester's Stick, fitted with a head (or a Pig's Bladder - see The Official Anti-Costume-Pedant Rebukers) on one end, and is often a phallic symbol. (A Natural is a Foole.)
Romeo: Act II Sc iv - Mercurio "...for this dribbling love is like a great natural that runs lolling up and down to hide his bable in a hole."

Half Seas Over... [Bottel] Sometimes sober, but always tries to be polite.
He KNOWS he's not the cleverest one!
Note: Not to trusted alone with the key to the ale cellar!
Well Educated - Spent some time in various monasteries

The Fool attempts to distract Queen Berengaria from Affairs of State - 27 July 1994;
The Fool, the PUNTIFF, and the Monks in the Monastery again - 15 August 1994)

"Veni, Vidi, Bibi"
"Carpe Potus"

He thinks he's in control of the rest of them.
Nobody else does.
Usually gets the blame. Always.
Tries to play the straight man.
Once discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down: now The Fooles Troupe has a Scribe...

Yes, But.... [Quibbel]
"Yes, But...."
Apprentice Fool in Training.
Unfortunately often right.
His sister is called Cassandra, OK?
Wary of Babbel since his workshop tryout for Ethel.
Fortunately The Admiral's Men returned from Tour in the nick of time...

Did thy Mother not teach thee it be impolite to shout... [Lady de Kup-Kake]
Actually quite bright for a Fool.
Feels sorry for and motherly towards the rest of them.
Keeps her cleverness hidden behind a Big Front.
Note: Sometimes known as Lady de Kup to her close friends.....

Hast thou thy receipt... [Lady Lucrativa]
Not much known about this blonde.
Rumours of a Dark Past.
Usually looks after the money and other valuables......
Will most likely become Reeve.

Ooooh! that be a pretty thing... [Lady Lud Wygel]
A pleasant lady.

But I want to discuss these serious matters right now... [Lady Tangyl Wyt]
A pleasant blonde.

Undesirables should be Expelled from Society [<ANTIR5>]
[<#|:->] <ANTIR5>, wearing his spy hat & disguise.
???? - Classified information witheld.
Probably a lunatic.
Claims to be:
The Duchess's Secret Spy - [<ANTIR5>] - Magna Cum Laude from
The Dr John Dee School of Espa... er .. Esper... er Spying.
(Dr John Dee was Agent 007 for Her Majesty Elizabeth I)
(Not really sure which Duchess now...)
Motto: "Undesirables should be Expelled from Society"

What sort of Foole am I?... [The Duchess]
Patron to The Fooles Troupe. Rumored that [Jaz] is her in disguise...

Another message just in Good Gentles [Royal Pigeon Master]
Delivers the mail on the Steps.
It's a shitty job, OK?

Miscelleaneous Characters.

Let it be known this day... [Annonymous Herald]
Say, do I know everybody?

In Service to The Dream of Happiness..

Robin the Ruthless in Battel - W.O.A.W. G.A.
Laughter heals.
(So don't pick....)

[Bottel] Sticks and stones...

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