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Here be the place that doth Chronicle
the Antics of a Troupe of Fooles,
seeking Recognition, Patronage and Enlightenment
in a World set in time
somewhere between Medieval Times
and the pre-17th Century World.

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Last Updated: 9 Jul 2003 1503

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  See! We talk!See! We talk!  
   Pray make thyselves at ease...  
   Truly sorry, good fellow...  Nice Day, be it not?..  
 You be standing on my foot...    Verily it be so...
Just some of the Good Gentles gathered on The Cathedral Steps in Antir...

"The Wise doth not oft dispute the Foolishness of the Fool,
But the Fool doth oft abuse the Wisdom of the Wise..."
(The Author)

[Babbel] No Bribes Aloud!The First of The  Over Here! I SAID IT BE NEW DID I NOT?  Back There! Fifth Series of the Fooles Antics.[Babbel] No Bribes Aloud!
The Fooles return from a lengthy absence on an auspicous date.
One fine day upon the Rialto...
Friday 13 Sep 1996 1496

This Way to The Rest of
Oooh! Ahhh!  The Fooles Troupe Routines Oooh! Ahhh!

"Of all the money that e'er I've had,
I spent it in good company.
Of all the harm that e'er I've done,
At least it most was done to me.
Of all things done, for want of wit,
To memory now I can't recall."

Here we go...  What be The Virtual Fooles Troupe?
Here we go...  About some of the Fooles themselves.
Here we go...  A Few Historical Footnotes. (New as at 1 April 1998 1498)
Here we go...  A Few Source & Performance Notes. (In preparation in the quill now!)
Here we go...  If you still don't understand about The Fooles...
Here we go...  Visit The Fooles Troupe Dwelling. The Fooles are currently renovating the space and some of the rooms are still not fully furnished. It's New! from 30 November 1998 1498
Here we go...  The Fooles Troupe Charisma Scare Rolls. It's New! from 25 December 1998 1498
[Babbel] In Honour of us...  The April Fooles Day Fooles Troupe Internet Blackout Page
[Bottel]The Fooles Troupe hath recently been showing The Spirit Cheers! at The Site Fights!
[Serious Announcer] Wouldst thou like to see our Chronicle of Progress from Monday, October 6th 1997 to Sunday 12th Janurary 1998?
[Battel] Hast thou heard of our new Friends of the Fooles Troupe Fighting Force?
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Coming Soon!
Some Sound Bytes For You To Help The Fooles Troupe Rehearse!
Well, just a quick peek then, but we be not yet ready for Public Performance...

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[Lady TangylWyt] Can a Fooles Mind BE improved?

What Every Well Educated Foole Should Know.

Being some Links for Fooles not yet Well Educated,
that may well Educate the Mind in a Medieval Manner.

We be not the only Fooles
There be some Other Fooles

Cranky Old Ba...rd Work out some Generalised Shakespearean  Insults ;
some Personalized Elizabethan Insults ; or some Elizabethan Curses ...
 What! Thou dost want some more... or more still?
Why dost thou not just get Shakespeare's Insult kit?
[Babbel] Just who could compete with us?  The Fooles Troupe's Competition, The Fooles' Fans and various other's Literary works
[Battel] And now to handle some obligations...  The Fooles Obligatory Links Page
[Lady Lucrativa] And now a Word from our Sponsor...  Robin's own Humour Page
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Thou art an Honary Fool - one of many since Official Opening 1 Sept 1996 1496
not counting counter implosions which seemed to occur every other week or so.

Such as on 24/12/96 when there had already been at least over 500 visitors, and the counter then read zero...
Ah! Me!!! Will the counter never reach a Bignum?!!!
[Silly Announcer] The Counter did then read 1000 on 25/03/97, 1400 on 10/05/97 and 11 on 13/05/97, 6055 on 30/10/98, then 1 on 31/10/98... 6064 on 2/11/98...
[Battel] Verily, this saga may have to have its own page soon...

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