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2 Old Medieval Musos

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Early Music.

The Early Music Society of Queensland.



I play several instruments (when I get time) including a copy of a C12 Symphonie similar to this which is an early form of Hurdy Gurdy. I am always looking for others interested in playing with me. I play any type of music suitable for a quiet (mostly) diatonic (mostly) string instrument. I have a "bug" for it, so it can be amplified, or recorded.
I was working on a web page about my theories of tuning the little box. Mine sound very sweet, quite unlike a set of bagpipes. I had hoped to have some sound samples here, as well as picture of mine eventually, but unfortunately all work on this was lost in the Great HD Disaster of Nov 1997...
Some other string instruments that need more practice are the Hammered Dulcimer and the Lovers Dulcimer, or Double Appalachian Dulcimer.
I also recently started playing the Piano Accordian, and now have a McCann System Duet English Concertina. Not yet fit for public performance exposure are the autoharp, guitar and violin/fiddle...
I also play various incarnations of the "fipple flute" - variations on instruments known as Recorders, Whistles, Tabor Pipes, or in much earlier times, just "flutes". This has developed into the modern instrument known as the Low Whistle. I also play to a lesser degree, what were known as the "flauto traverso" (similar to modern fifes), which has developed into the modern sideways flute.
Various percussive instruments also are played from time to time, such as the tambour (actually a nice Bodhran), wood blocks, the Spoons, and many others, as well as the Jawharp.
The Virtual Fooles Troupe has in the "What Every Well Educated Foole Should Know" section more references to Early Music. There is also a seperate Early Music Page under Development.
*Hurdy-gurdy Home Page of Alden Hackmann
* A list of Early Music by Women Composers
* Robin's The Fooles Troupe's Page of Links to Early Music...
* The Fooles Troupe's Page of Fooles' Work Skills - Music...
* Pitch, Tuning, and the Physics of Musical Tone
* Origins of Morris Dancing

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Folk Music.

- An Independent monthly newsletter which covers the Brisbane Metropolitan Area.

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Some Brisbane and nearby Music Instrument Vendors.

AnimatoAnimato - Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass - Musical Instruments
DragonDragon Music - Woodwinds

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Music related Web Sites.

Classical MusicThe Classical Music Web Ring - Round and round the list of Classical Music Web Sites we go...
Gus, Stephan, Simon, Alex, Phillip - members of The Blue Grassy Knoll - A Melbourne based band with an atmosphere like the good old Captain Matchbox...
 miles from nowhere - A Brisbane based band with a good easy sound - they do some good covers of Cat Stephens and Paul Simon, as well as some very good acapella.

Some midi files on this site are courtesy of The Internet Renaissance Band
They are noted as such, Copyright by Curtis Clark and used with permission.

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