Hi, My name is Robin Hayes.

Last Updated: 01 Jul 2002
[Serious Announcer] Mayhap thou MSIE Why should I make Big Bill Richer? [Quibbel] Who be Big Bill Richer?Fools lettest thy small rodent touch the pictures...

Yes, I live in Australia Folks... Lat 2730'00" S Long 15301'00" E

I live in Brisbane. I am a Wordsmith and Computer Systems Person. I enjoy many interests including humour and music of all types currently mostly Early Music, Folk, Classical, Jazz and some Rock and Ethnic. I also have an interest in Earlier Times. This was part of the motivation for the creation of The Fooles Troupe Pages for they needed a place to perform. But now with over 200 HTML files (and sound and graphics) for them alone, they seem to have taken over, as Fools often do!

This is my Home Page; the contents of other pages under this will be regularly modifed. There may be a few dummy stub links where things are not finalised. Many of the graphic images have links (or sounds), or humourous comments hidden in the ALT attribute - without MSIE 2 or above, or a text only browser such as LYNX, you may miss them. If you click on the images, you may get sounds, or end up anywhere! Most of The Silliness happens when the Fooles are around, of course.

There should be no broken or missing internal URL's - I cannot guarantee the same for external links.

Thanks to my HD being hit during November 1997 with a Stealth MBR virus (which got past my fairly up to date Viruscanning S/W), total loss of the system ensued. All Fooles Troupe work in progress, approx 4,000 URL links, and all other work in progress, email contact details and S/W were lost. The Web pages as they then existed, were up on the ISP, and survived.

Please Email me if any problems appear.

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The background music for this page is "Ah Robin, gentle Robin" by William CORNYSH (who lived until 1523). Background music for other pages may be changed on whim.

[Silly Announcer] Well, it was, but we decided to give Robin a present and fixed up some new music...

I am currently seeking employment. You may wish to see my resume, since I'll always consider any excellent job offer. Please email me, I recently finished some training, including Journalism. Currently doing some more training, and plan to resume University study soon.

The Fooles Searcher. (My collection of the best of the search engines I found so far)

JOHN McDONNELL'S RESEARCHER'S TOOLKIT (Best collection of research entries I found so far)

Copyright Internet Resources links.

See the Index of Web Rings I am on

My Web Pages Design Philosophy

Robin at Home

Fooles at HomeThe Fooles Troupe are currently renovating their Dwelling. It's New! from 30/11/98 Here we go...

 Toby Day Afternoon, or Babel in a Miner Quay - some creative writing.


Robin's Interests, and some Site Lists, Humour Page, and Resume.

Robin's A brief Tutorial - Some WIN95 Speed Optimisations.

Robin's Briese-bane (Brisbane) Viking Info Centre - Viking Ships as well.

Robin's Contact Lens Supplier. I avoid losing my contact lenses by drilling a small hole in each one and attaching them with a length of nylon fishing line. This can then be worn around the neck. Contact lenses were invented by the English Astronomer Fredrick William Herschell in 1827.

Those PRIMUS Ads on TV - Legality of Permitted Attachments - Watch TV and Laugh!

Periodic Tables
The Elephants The Condiments

Bothered by *S* *P* *A* *M* or chain letters?
Then see Gather ye pigeons while ye may. (or The "*S*ome *P*retty *A*wful *M*instrelsy" Song)
It may be older than you think!

My new Themes Pages Index with such subjects as No Smoking, Easter, American Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

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