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Last Updated: 8 Jul 2002
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Brisbane City Council LogoWhat is this about the history of the name of this city - Brisbane? In 1066, one of the Normans who came over with Harold to England fought with a warhammer. He fought so fiercely, that he was called Briese-Bane or Bone-Breaker. The first settlement, the City of Brisbane in Queensland Australia, was named after his living English descendant (then Governor of New South Wales) at the time the new Colony of Queensland was established and separated from New South Wales, as most of Australia was then called.

Coat of Arms - Australia
Welcome to Australia. Aussie Slang can be a little confusing.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland - the State referred to as the "Sunshine State".
Beautiful one day - Perfect the next.
Apart from the Monsoon Season and the cyclones and the droughts and the floods...
You can check the weather.

If want to look around Queensland from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and the North Coast, there is plenty of Public Transport.

You can find out What is on in Brisbane.
Brisbane is called "The River City" and has an annual week long River Festival - email.
Brisbane has a Medieval Fayre which has been a regular event for many years. There are now several - see table below. Details will completed as known.

Some info about Life in Brisbane provided by the Queensland University of Technology, which is right in the heart of the city. The other two major Universities nearby are University of Queensland and Griffith University. There are also other Tertiary level Institutions such as TAFE.

Brisbane has some Stories about its past.


Medieval Style Fairs in South East Queensland

NameDateLocationSponsorContact Details
Samford Valley Medieval FairLast known held on:
Sat Aug 25 2001 - 10am - 3pm
(Date varies with year)
Samford Valley Steiner School
Narrawa Drive, Wights Mountain
Samford Valley Steiner SchoolPh: 07 3289 1132
Fax: 07 3289 1017
Brisbane Medieval FayreLast known held on
Queen's Birthday Weekend
June 8-9 2002
Musgrave Park
South Brisbane
Brisbane Medieval Fayre P/L
Ph: 07 3831 4933
Abbey Medieval TournamentLast known held on:
6-7 July 2002
Abbey Museum
- off Bribie Island Rd Caboolture
Abbey Museum
Tournament info
Ph: 07 5495 1652
Medieval GamesLast known held on:
Sun 6 May 2001
(Date varies with year)
Last held at Lawnton Showgrounds
(Location has varied)
Saga VikingsPh: 07 3886 6688

Details will updated as and when I find out about events - you should put me on your emailing list if you want me to know curent details. This Fayre Info is planned for a seperate page soon.

This page will eventually (when I get time) give some more info about Brisbane - a city of one and a half million people - as well as some of its surrounding areas, but for now, here are some Hot Links.

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