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Commissioned as the principal Warship of the South Australian Navy in 1884. "Protector was the ship that took Australians to China in 1900.

On return from duties, she became part of the RAN and was purchased for service with the USA Army Small Ships Command.

'Protector' was on her way to New Guinea in 1944 when she was holed by a tug and abandoned on the beach at Heron Island, where she still serves as a breakwater.


The Australian Navy to which the ‘Protector’ belonged was called the Auxilary Squadron.

Here ships of the Squadron stage a mock battle in Sydney Harbour near the turn of the century.

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Members of the New South Wales Naval Brigade serving in China and as it is today.

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All information and photos from 'Diggers 1860-1994' by George Odgers, Endorsed by the Australian Defence Force