The following photos have been scanned from old negatives (except the last two). They are of some of William and Mary's grandchildren and appear to have been taken mainly at 182 James Street New Farm. Probably in the mid 1940's.


ABOVE: Mary Alice Barber and Katherine Josephine (Kay) Barber

BELOW: Kay, Percy John Barber (John) and Mary



ABOVE: Mary and Kay

BELOW: Kevin, Bill, Brian and Terry. Sons of Bill and Gladys (nee Powell) Cotter, Dilkera St Balmoral.



ABOVE: Kay, Kate Helen (Kitty) Barber (nee Cotter), PJ (John), Percy Edward (Perc) Barber, Mary.

BELOW: Mary and Kay. Dressed for a fancy dress ball at Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church Hall Bulimba. Dresses made by Daureen Barber, wife of Perc's brother Arthur.


BELOW: Patricia Lillian Mary Cotter, daughter of  Pat (Eddie) and Dorothy (nee Wyatt) Cotter


jc about 1957

ABOVE: John Cotter, son of Pat (Eddie) and Dorothy (nee Wyatt) Cotter.

Julie Helen Ted
Julie, Helen and Ted Barber, 6th, 5th and 4th
children of Percy and Kitty (nee Cotter) Barber.
About 1950.

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