Cotter family of New Farm Queensland - Falvey charts (page 1 of 2, charts 3 - 7 are on page 2).

These 7 sheets of various Queensland Falvey families contain people who appear in released Queensland births, marriages and deaths records, or are shown as eg parents even if not in Australia. It is possible some have been missed, so a particular line of interest could be progressed by going to the source microfiche and CD available in many Queensland (and perhaps major interstate) libraries.

At the time of putting up these charts only the families of Daniel Falvey the elder and Alice O'Brien (sheet 1) and their son Daniel Joseph and his wife Margaret Boyle (sheet 2) appear linked to the Cotter family of New Farm, Daniel the elder and Alice being Mary Healy's grandparents.  However the other sheets, having been drawn up as part of the process, may as well be put up too and may be of use to someone.They may later be shown to have a link to the first two.

In all cases there may be people not on the sheets who should be there. Generally only people appearing in Queensland records are included. For example if a sibling stayed in Ireland, or was in another Australian state they probably are not picked up.

Sheet 1 below - this family was around Toowoomba, Queensland. Daniel (at least) came to Australia about 1875 and settled near Cambooya. It appears this was at "the Sugar Loaf" , an area about 9k from Cambooya. Two of his sons are subsequently shown to have been at Ramsay, adjacent to (now) Sugarloaf.


Daniel Falvey & Alice O'Brien family.


DANIEL FALVEY son of John Falvey (farmer) and ?. Born circa 1814 (Killarney, Kerry) died 3.2.1897 (Monkey Waterholes [now Blanchview] near Helidon Qld) farmer. Came to Queensland 1875. Buried Toowoomba cemetery.

Married c. 1832 in Ballymacelligot, Kerry) ALICE O'BRIEN daughter of Patrick O'Brien and Julia Ready b c.1815 (Killarney, Kerry) d 4.3.1900 (Monkey Waterholes near Helidon Qld). Buried Toowoomba cemetery.

CHILDREN living in 1897 - except Patrick, died 1888.

MARGARET FALVEY b c. 1837 d 17.10.1907                      m John Healy d 30.9.1907

JULIA FALVEY b c. 1842 d 1.7.1913 (##)                               m George Gordon 24.6.1867 (in Victoria) (see photo below)

JOHN FALVEY b c. 1848 d 10.7.1913 (*)

KATE FALVEY b c. 1853                                                         m Rutherford

PATRICK FALVEY b c. 1854 d 17.2.1888(*)  (Killed riding accident, unmarried, of Ramsay nr Toowoomba, Selector)

BRIDGET FALVEY b c. 1857 d 27.11.1924 (##)                      m Robert Gordon 8.4.1875 Ipswich (see photos below)

MARIA FALVEY b c. 1860  d 8.6.1920                                     m William Zeller 17.5 1881 Toowoomba
There is information about Maria Falvey's decendents at
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DANIEL JOSEPH FALVEY b c. 1862 d 26.9 1939                    m Margaret Boyle 16.2.1887
(of Ramsay as at 1897) (see sheet 2)

Note: One other female sibling died prior to 1897

(*) These two in same grave Toowoomba cemetery.

Falvey plot drayton toowoomba

Above - Falvey family gravesites within fence - Drayton cemetery, Toowoomba, Queensland.

Drayton inscriptions

Above - This stone also records the burial here of  Patrick d 17.2.1888 (result of horse riding accident) aged 32 years as can be made out at the top of the photo. The stone was erected originally for Patrick and the other inscriptions added later. Daniel and Alice were Mary Healy's grandparents and Daniel J was her uncle.

George Gordon was born at Burnside Scotland, 5.9.1834. He went to sea at 13 and while gold digging in New Zealand  about 1860 met Julia Falvey who had migrated from Ireland. They were married in Victoria 24.6.1867, returning to Scotland and Ireland for their honeymoon. When they departed London 23.4.1868 to return to Australia they were accompanied by George's younger brother Robert and Julia's younger sister Bridget. They lived at "Heatherwick" near Boonah from 1869. Robert and Bridget were married in the Presbyterian church Ipswich 8.4.1875 and returned to Robert's farm "Gibraltar", near George's farm. It seems therefore that at least two of  Daniel the elder and Alice's children were in Australia when they arrived in 1875.

                George and Julia (nee Falvey) Gordon - 1913
                   (Julia was Mary Healy's aunt)
                   (photo courtesy  C. Matheson)

Rbt Gordon fam                 

Robert and Bridget (nee Falvey) Gordon and family as captioned above.                                                         

Bridget was the sister of Margaret and Julia etc and Mary Healy's aunt.
The chidren were Mary Healy's cousins. Circa 1905.

(photo courtesy John Roberts)

Bridget 1918

Stanley, Charles, Bridget and Rosie. Milbong, near Boonah, Queensland.  (photo courtesy John Roberts)

Falvey girls Heatherwick

Bridget and Julia (Mary Healy's aunts) and George Gordon circa 1912
at Heatherwick, Milbong, near Boonah Queensland.
Probably four grandchildren (unknown woman on right).

(photo courtesy John Roberts)

Sheet 2 below - this family was also from around Toowoomba and Daniel Joseph was the son of  Daniel and Alice in sheet 1 above. Daniel Joseph was shown as living at Ramsay nr Cambooya in 1897. He had previously worked as a shearer and also a butcher in Toowoomba before settling at Hillview, Ramsay in 1887.  It is believed some of his five sons farmed at Greenmount, also near Cambooya.


Daniel JosephFalvey
& Margaret Boyle family.


Daniel Joseph Falvey and Margaret (nee Boyle)
            Daniel Joseph Falvey                                    Margaret (nee Boyle)

(**) son of  Daniel Falvey, farmer, and Alice O'Brien. b c. 1862 d 26.9.1939. Buried Toowoomba cemetery.

Married 16.2.1887 MARGARET BOYLE (#) daughter of William Boyle and Kate Lee b c. 1867 d 27.2.1909. Buried Toowoomba cemetery.


DANIEL MARK b 15.7.1887 d 19.5.1951                                          m Mary Ellen McGovern  1918

MARY b 4.11.1888                                                                               m Charles Lindemann 1919

KATE b 24.3.1889                                                                                 m William Wishart

PATRICK b 26.2.1891 d 7.3.1942

JOHN (**) b 24.11.1892

ALICE b 21.10.1894                                                                             m Michael Sheehan

WILLIAM b 22.12.1896  d 1968                                                          m Julia Carver 1925 (see sheet 2a below)

MARGARET MARY b 17.8.1901  d 22.7.1980 (buried Lutwyche cemetery)        m Herbert John Sheehan

MICHAEL JOSEPH KEVIN (#) b 25.1.1904 d 9.5.1938

Note: May be more siblings

** These two in same grave
#      "       "     "     "       "

John Falvey
John Falvey, son of Daniel Joseph and Margaret Boyle
(cousin of Mary Healy)

Daniel Mark Falvey

Daniel Mark Falvey, son of Daniel Joseph and Margaret Boyle
(cousin of Mary Healy)

WILLIAM JOSEPH FALVEY  son of  Daniel Joseph Falvey and Margaret Boyle. b 1896 d 1968. Buried Toowong Cemetery                                                                                                      SHEET  2a/7
married 1925 JULIA CARVER daughter of  Timothy Carver and Hannah Hickey. b 1902 d 1980. Buried Toowong Cemetery.


DANIEL JOSEPH  b 1930  d 1940  Accidently shot by person unknown at Cleveland. Buried Toowong Cemetery.

MARGARET  d 1999             m David Missingham

WILLIAM    d 2018


d  2010

THERESE  d c.2006

JOHN PATRICK  b 27/8/1936  d Mar 2000       m  Erin Maureen Cashell.    Pinaroo
                               ( children: John Patrick Falvey b Mar 1965 [see sheet 2b below]
                                    and Catherine Therese Falvey  b Jul 1966)

BRIAN PATRICK  b  1939  d 1998         m Dawn Tipper  Pinaroo

LAWRENCE FRANCIS b 1945  d 1998.  Buried Toowong Cemetery

(info in this chart courtesy John Falvey Jun 2011)

JOHN PATRICK FALVEY b Mar 1965 son of John Patrick Falvey and Erin Maureen Cashell                                                                                                                                                        SHEET 2b/7


JORDAN  KANE  b Apr 1997

CHYNA  LEILANI  b Aug 1999

CAIRO PHILIP   b May 2002

INDIA  SIERRA  b Jul 2008

ADEN  JAYA  b  May 2009

and (with  Ellen Miras)




(Mother Chyna Leilani Falvey
Father Nepia Huirua-Canterbury)

(info in this chart courtesy John Falvey Jun 2011 , July 2015 and Sept 2018)

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