These photos were taken at the Cotter family farm, at Drinagh, in 2005. The farm is now run by Tom Cotter.

Vegetable garden.
Vegetable garden.

                                     Inside the house. From L to R Merilyn Cotter, Angela Cotter,
                              Peg Merriman,
Kathleen Kierce, Mai Brennan, Susan Rynne,
                              Bridget Cotter.

The fireplace with peat alight. Very warm seats on either side.

view of farm
                                  View of part of the farm from the house.

and John
Joe Kierse and (the Irish) John Cotter.

Tom Cotter and Pat Cotter
                               Tom Cotter and Pat Cotter

John John Tom and Pat
 John, John, Tom and Pat Cotter

Tom, Pat, Peg, Kathleen, Mai, Susan and Bridget in the photos are all brothers and sisters and their grandfather Thomas Cotter (on the web page with his wife Bridget) was also the grandfather of  the Cotter children born at New Farm (Bill, Jack, Allie etc). So these are Irish cousins of the New Farm children.


Joh in front fire
                                   Jo in front of fireplace.

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