I've been a keen gardener for as long as I can remember, always with a passion for beautiful, unusual or rare plants. When we left the 'big smoke' of Brisbane in 1992 and moved to the Sunshine Coast, the intention was to be as self sufficient as possible. We had owned our 10 acre block for a couple of years, and had planted a lot of fruit trees. At that stage, tropical fruit and permaculture were the main interest. Then someone gave me a few heliconias. What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession. I now produce high quality heliconia and ginger flowers, tropical foliage and gloriosa lilies which I supply to Sunshine Coast and Brisbane florists. And I still get excited when a new heliconia flowers for the first time.

After years of trial and error, I now have over 100 varieties of heliconias and gingers growing here. Just a few of these can be seen in the photo gallery. I have trialled many more, but in south-east Queensland's sub-tropical climate there are a some that will not flower reliably.

The farm is located in the foothills of the Blackall Range west of Nambour on Queensland's fabulous Sunshine Coast. The climate is subtropical, with summer daytime temperatures over 30 degrees celsius, and high humidity, and winter temps dropping as low as 4 degrees c. Visitors by appointment are welcome. Summertime, when there are flowers to see, is best.